EPA Reports: “More Than 9 Million Lead Pipes Supplying Drinking Water Throughout The U.S.”

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On Tuesday April 4, 2023, The Environmental Protection Agency published a startling document  regarding the findings from the 7th Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment (DWINSA) in 2021. This survey was conducted in order to identify infrastructure projects needed over the next 20 years for water systems to continue providing safe drinking water to the public. What was found was shocking.

Millions More Affected By Lead Pipes Than Previously Thought

It was previously estimated that there were around 7.3 million lead service lines  (LSLs) in the United States, but the recent survey now puts that number at a staggering 9.2 million, affecting considerably more people than previously believed. Although every state has varying numbers of these lead service lines, with Alaska notably being the lowest at 1,454, Florida and Illinois alone account for over 2 million LSLs, both actively providing drinking water to their residents via over a million LSLs each.

The survey consisted of 3,629 public water systems in all 60 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia as well as other U.S territories and included questions pertaining to lead service lines. Read the full press report here.

States With The Most Lead Service Lines, Ranked

  1. Alaska: 1,454

  2. Oregon: 3,530

  3. South Dakota: 4,141

  4. Vermont: 5,263

  5. Nevada: 9,048

  6. Hawaii: 9,589

  7. Wyoming: 10,477

  8. Mississippi: 11,098

  9. Arizona: 11,429

  10. California: 13,476

  11. Montana: 14,125

  12. Utah: 14,293

  13. New Hampshire: 14,819

  14. New Mexico: 15,453

  15. Maine: 18,057

  16. West Virginia: 20,259

  17. Washington: 22,030

  18. North Dakota: 26,443

  19. District of Columbia: 27,058

  20. Oklahoma: 28,679

  21. Kentucky: 40,207

  22. Delaware: 42,479

  23. Georgia: 45,985

  24. Idaho: 49,434

  25. Puerto Rico: 51,490

  26. Nebraska: 53,230

  27. Kansas: 54,107

  28. Maryland: 71,166

  29. Rhode Island: 75,749

  30. Alabama: 91,544

  31. Iowa: 96,436

  32. South Carolina: 108,177

  33. Colorado: 111,907

  34. Massachusetts: 117,090

  35. Minnesota: 136,873

  36. Connecticut: 146,574

  37. Arkansas: 171,771

  38. Virginia: 187,883

  39. Missouri: 202,112

  40. Indiana: 265,400

  41. Louisiana: 266,984

  42. Michigan: 301,790

  43. Wisconsin: 341,023

  44. New Jersey: 349,357

  45. North Carolina: 369,715

  46. Tennessee: 381,342

  47. New York: 494,007

  48. Texas: 657,640

  49. Pennsylvania: 688,697

  50. Ohio: 745,061

  51. Illinois: 1,043,294

And the state with the most lead service lines is...

Florida: 1,159,3

The Serious Health Effects Of Lead

Lead service lines are known to be a significant source of lead contamination in drinking water. Even at low levels, lead ingestion can cause serious health implications especially for young children and pregnant women. While risk varies from individual to individual, there is significant evidence that lead can cause irreversible damage to the kidneys as well as the nervous, reproductive and cardiovascular systems.

Never Worry About Lead Again

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