Why I Chose To Purchase the Clearly Filtered Under Sink Filter System

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Recently we had a lengthy discussion with a longtime Clearly Filtered customer who had recently upgraded their water by installing the 3-Stage Under Sink Filter System under their kitchen sink. The conversation led to many great questions and answers that we thought would be great to highlight for others that may have the same questions.

"I quickly realized that the water filter my family and I had been using for years wasn't cutting it, so I set out on finding the best water filter that I could afford at the time."

How did you hear about Clearly Filtered?

I had been a longtime water pitcher user after diving deep down the rabbit hole a few years ago. There was what seemed like endless news about how dirty and unhealthy our drinking water actually was. These were news articles about lead pipes, cancer-causing sprays on farms, you name it. I researched it all. I quickly realized that the water filter my family and I had been using for years wasn't cutting it, so I set out on finding the best water filter that I could afford at the time. After days and days of research, making spreadsheets with all the pros and cons of all the filtered water pitchers I could find, I decided on Clearly Filtered.

So, you were already sold on the idea of properly filtered water, why did you choose to get the Under Sink System?

Yes. I was addicted to the clean water from our water pitcher. I would be able to tell immediately if any other water that was served to me was not filtered. We were filling our pitcher at least once a day and it finally got to the point where I wanted to find out more information about the Under Sink System. Would we get the same level of filtration? Yes, and actually better. Would we need a professional to help us install it? They guaranteed we could do it ourselves. Would it work with our sink and faucet? They said it would be compatible. To be honest, it sounded too good to be true, even though the price was a little higher than I had originally hoped. 

Let me also say that this was not a simple choice for us. We needed to make sure it worked within our budget. And what pushed it over the edge for us was that this was an investment in our health more than anything.

Person washing veggies with the Clearly Filtered Under Sink System

Did you have any questions you needed to be answered before getting the System?

Actually, yes I did. I felt bad asking so many questions but the Clearly Filtered customer service team is so nice and it truly felt like they really wanted to help me get all of my answers.

I remember asking about all of the steps of the install before purchasing. I wanted to know everything there was to know and wanted to make sure we could do it ourselves. I was chatting with someone from Clearly Filtered using their website chat feature and I found it so helpful that the person helping me had actually installed their own Under Sink System on their own sink so they knew exactly what they were talking about and could answer my questions using first-hand knowledge of the process. 

We were also confused about how the system was universal and would fit with our kitchen faucet. All of the other systems like these we had done research on used an extra smaller faucet that was installed usually in the corner of the sink. It was hard to figure out exactly how it would fit and we were sure we didn't want to install a new faucet or have to buy a new one if ours wasn't compatible. It was a big purchase so we wanted to make sure we got it right. I asked the Clearly Filtered service member about this and they ensured me that it was 100% universal and because it screws directly into the cold water line, which is the same size line for everyone, that was what made the filter system universal. And after installing it they were 100% right! So simple and so ingenious.

What was something you were surprised by after you received it?

The size. I had seen photos and videos but I was still expecting a very large system to be delivered. I was worried about the system fitting under my sink, but once it was installed, which took no more than 10 minutes, I couldn't help but notice how small and out of the way the system was! It easily fit up against the back wall of our sink cabinet and we didn't even end up screwing it into the wall because it stands up on its own too.

What was the most difficult part about installing the Under Sink System?

I would have to say that the toughest part (besides cleaning out under my sink because it had been a while) was probably making sure that we were installing it into the cold water line and not the hot water line. What we ended up doing, just to make sure, was turning our faucet on all the way to cold and then turning off the valve at the wall; whichever valve turned the water off at the faucet was the cold water. It seems so simple but it took us a good 5 minutes to figure out, so there's a little trick other people can use. Then I began to ask myself: why don't they label the spigots and hoses under the sink? Oh well.

How has it changed your life?

We should have made this purchase years earlier than we did. When you break the cost down it's really not much different and the value is much greater. You never realize how often you can benefit from having clean water on demand. From cooking to cleaning fruits and veggies to the dogs' water bowls, it's soooooo much easier with the new system. 

When you break the cost down it's really not much different and the value is much greater.

The hardest part was getting used to drinking from the tap! For the first few weeks, I had to convince myself that it was ok to drink and that I wasn't just drinking tap water! Pretty funny that over the years I became scared of the kitchen tap!

Would you recommend the Under Sink System to someone else?

Absolutely! It was so much easier than we expected and just makes life that much easier as well. I'm no longer yelling at the kids when they're drinking water from the faucet. My 15 year old even asked me if he could drink from the faucet in his bathroom now that we had the Under Sink System in the kitchen. I laughed and told him no because it doesn't filter all the water, but it did get me thinking about adding them a few other places in the house.

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