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What’s In Your Tap Water?

With February gone in the blink of an eye, let's dive right into our monthly news roundup and discuss the alarming risks in your tap water. Most contaminants cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted, so it is crucial that you have a water filtration system that is guaranteed to protect you from all the nasty hiding in your water. 

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Last Month In Water

Looking Back on the East Palestine Train Derailment

This month marked one year since the East Palestine train derailment. In the time since, health issues and concerns regarding water quality still persist due to vinyl chloride exposure.

Last Month in Water

Biden-Harris Administration Announces Over Half A Billion For California Drinking Water, Wastewater, And Stormwater Infrastructure Upgrades As Part Of President Biden’s Investing In America Agenda

Unprecedented funding from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will transform communities across California and guarantee access to safe drinking water free of contaminants like PFAS.

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States With The Worst Tap Water - 2024 Edition

Although tap water is treated before making its way to your tap, water quality varies greatly. Take a look at the top 10 states with the most contaminated tap water in the U.S.

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How Does A Carbon Filter Stack Up Against Clearly Filtered?

Standard filters use simple carbon media to reduce carbon-bonded chemicals, while our pitchers use a 3-stage filter to maximize effectiveness so they actually trap contaminants.

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